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Biometric Visa

The Republic of Turkey has started implementing the regime of the biometric visas in KENYA.

Identity verification, instant biometric photograph and taking of fingerprints are required along with any application made personally.

Application Period

Application evaluation process; evaluation and approval is to be obtained from the ministry of internal affairs-directorate general of migration management of the Republic of Turkey.

Travel, Insurance Scope and Reservation Dates

Travel health insurance organized by our company is valid as of the date of entry to Turkey and will be valid for your period of stay in Turkey.

Validity period of the visa and day of stay cannot be changed or extended after the visa is issued.


We are not required to explain the rejection reasons of the application. In the event of a rejection, the applicant can apply again.

Returning of the Fees

Paid to our office are not refundable.

Counterfeit Documents

Submission of counterfeit documents is an offense and can be pursued to the laws of Republic of Turkey.